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Glena Greiner

About the Artist

I was raised in Idaho where I learned to appreciate nature, animals, trees, flowers and mountains. However, I tired of the snow and moved to sunny Arizona by the London Bridge where I learned to appreciate the desert too.

I have always had an artistic streak. In the beginning it was oil painting where I won many awards for my artistic endeavors. While in Havasu I painted a line of clothes for a clothing manufacture and a line of hand painted bedspreads for a linen company. Then beads came into my life and have made my life very interesting.

I love the feel of running my fingers through and the beautiful color combinations that you can get with them. I have learned from some of the best beaders in the business and have enjoyed the journey. My work uses many different materials from nature like wood, bones, claws, stones, porcelain, metals and many different kinds of glass beads. I also make heirloom pieces for people using memorable pieces that are special to someone and creating a unique piece of jewelry made especially for the owner.

I feel like when I am creating a piece that I aways have angels over my shoulders directing my thoughts and fingers. I have won several contests with my beadwork also.